Course curriculum

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  2. 3
    • The beginning... the settings of your phone and how to use them well.

  3. 4
    • Composition

  4. 5
    • Camera Modes. The what, why and when.

  5. 6
    • 5_IPhonePhoto_the shutter

  6. 7
    • 6_IPhonePhoto_Exposure

  7. 8
    • Composition - for the foodies

  8. 9
    • 8_IPhonePhoto_lighting_the_basics_for_still_life mp4

  9. 10
    • 9_IPhone_Photo_Editing

  10. 11
    • Its a wrap


Senior Instructor

Georgia Glynn-Smith

Why should I be your teacher? Quick Speed date here : With over 25 years of experience I have learnt a thing or two. I never studied photography per se.Im totally self taught. I went to St Martins and then Kingston to do study Design, 3D. Then worked in New York for some amazing designers before heading to Elle Deco in London where I was given my break. Shooting my own column in the Independent Newspaper called Not Quite Architecture, launched and worked as Style Editor for Gardens Illustrated then went on to shoot the Award Winning Real Food for Nigel Slater. Working with Nigella for years we shot all the food pages for Vogue which led to me shooting all of Gordon Ramsay books for years followed by our very own Dame,Mary Berry. I now have over 90 books to my name. Papers, magazines… During Covid I taught my 87 year old Dad how to use instagram, I wanted him to keep creative, focused and positive. I succeeded. This first course will teach you the fundamentals of understand how to see. The next course under the banner of the Art of Seeing will be a far more in-depth opportunity to learn how to use your iPhone to the limits and create images as good as a SLR camera. All those settings you didn’t know about. It is the next level up. The last of the trip-tic is the Art of Sharing - however you want to share, its only a positive thing.. but i can give you plenty of social media guidance to get you going..